Heal SPAC intends to finance companies promoting alternative healing techniques to medicine. It intends to break the allopathic monopoly, which due to its science base, prevents from exploring new or old healing techniques that patients regularly go to when allopathy fails to provide them a solution.

Advancing Holistic Health Care through Alternative Healing— Functional, and Natural

We believe in natural and holistic health care. And that’s precisely why we are committed to financing like-minded companies that promote alternative healing techniques to medicine. Put simply, at Heal SPAC, we want to break free from allopathic monopoly and allow individuals to seek the benefits to health, body, and mind that alternative healing has to offer.

Allopathic medicine has built a strong monopoly base on science, preventing people from both exploring and understanding the phenomenal benefits of proven alternative healing techniques that have been around for centuries.

However, at Heal SPAC, we strive to provide people with the knowledge and access to companies that promote alternative healing so that they too can get treatments that are natural and beneficial to their body and health. Alternative medicine addresses the physical body and the patient’s emotional and spiritual health, hence emphasizing whole-body care.

One of the most crucial things that we aspire to highlight and change through our company is the mindset towards alternative healing. Due to an allopathic monopoly, people only seek alternative medicine techniques when allopathic treatments fail. It’s crucial to understand that allopathic medicine only intervenes once the disease is present; however, alternative healing encourages individuals to have well-visits, treatments primarily focused on preventing diseases before they even occur. Therefore, if individuals focus on alternative medicine techniques from the start, they can ensure good health and prevent diseases from occurring in the first place.

At Heal SPAC, we are ready to make a difference by encouraging individuals to seek alternative healing techniques. We are looking for investors and partners who share the same vision and values as us and want to work towards the same goal. Let’s join hands to bring about a positive change and break the allopathic monopoly.

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